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Investment Process
Equity Investment Approach
Is based primarily on growth and valuation and the flexibility to
adapt to changing market environments as determined by investor
psychology and the economic cycle.  MORE . . .

Stock Characteristics
We search for superior companies with strong fundamental
characteristics.  A company’s products and industry are analyzed
along with its growth profile, operations, financials, management
and financial ratios.  MORE . . .

Fixed Income Investment Approach
Is based upon the concept that a properly diversified bond portfolio
is key to limiting a client’s overall risk exposure, generating a
predictable income stream and preserving capital.  MORE . . .

Investment Performance
For historical investment performance, please call
Van Liew Trust Company 1-800-300-1116
The closely monitored process is a
combination of Top Down, the analysis
of macro economic factors, and Bottom Up,
the picking of stocks and bonds
subject to both fundamental and
technical analysis.